Fashionista Poly Mailers, 10″x13″, 100-pack


SHIP IN STYLE: The super cute Pink Fashionista design is ideal for personalizing your shipments and reaching customers, friends, family and other recipients in a fun and unique way.

FITS MOST ITEMS: These 100 unpadded flat shipping bags with a self adhesive strip are 10″ x 13″ (25.4cm x 33cm).

DURABLE: Premium plastic mailers have extra tough thickness with solid grey interior, preventing show through and providing durability and resistance to weather and punctures.

SAVES YOU TIME: The 1.5” flap doesn’t require any wetting to form the extra-secure adhesive seal. Simply peel off the protective strip and handle multiple mailing envelopes in a fraction of the time while creating a strong, tamper-evident seal.

UPSP, UPS & FedEx approved.

Return policy.

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